The doctor nodded briskly to the pair of them and slide his butt soundlessly through the door. Junior Staff nurse, Cindy let out a noisy breath. ‘Well, whatever did he mean by that, Staff nurse Flora ? I don’t even know, Replied Flora . He is a foreigner, you know. I daresay he got his metaphors mixed. Flora wasn’t sure if that was the right expression to give out to Nurse Cindy. But Cindy who was a good girl and not so bright, did not ask anymore questions. They drank their coffee and almost forgot about their visitor as they got up on their feet to do a ward round. Cindy whispered, He is such a nice guy, isn’t he, Becky. He is so romantic…..he turns me on. He is quite nice, she agreed. Flora picked up her torch, suddenly and surprisingly aware that to speak the truth, he turned her on too. Although she had not the slightest intentions of admitting it, Aware that her companions pitying stare was so intense on her. Probably the poor girl considered her an over aged maid at twenty-five.

It wasn’t too bad for the first couple of days, the nursing staff shared the extra work after the hospital auxiliary nurses has decided to go on strike. You are three hours late off duty, sir Joshua; the senior hospital consultant pointed out to Flora. It is not possible for you to carry out all your nursing duties and be a maid of all work at the same time…..the patients are doomed to suffer. No, they aren’t, said Flora not minding her careless manners, because she woke up from sleep and wanted her breakfast. Sir Joshua studied her face, No’ i shouldn’t have said that to you, I apologize, but you are going to be worn out young lady.
No worries dear, I shall have to think of something. He walked away from her and went down into the wards trying to get the wards straight.
That evening when Flora went on early in order to give a helping hands in preparing the super dishes, she went into the kitchen as usual. I told you i will think of something, Sir Joshua startled her with his greetings. Did you get any breakfast? Well i have a meal when i get home, I live outside the hospital premises sir, replied Flora. He eyed her narrowly, made a rumbling noise in his throat and asked, What sort of meal? Tea,Toast and marmalade, of course. Flora was stacking the trolley ready for the evening drinks, besides there are much i am to do right now.

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