They already know we are coming and of course you can go inside. He suddenly smiled kindly and said, you may dislike me Flora, but even at that, you can trust me…I Promise i will not make you feel uncomfortable. He got out, walked round the car and opened for her to come out. He tucked a hand under her elbow and walked her into hotel. They sat to eat and before long, Flora wasn’t aware of her appearance. Doctor Dave somehow managed to convey the impression, without saying a single word that she looked very nice. She ate her way happily through porridge, bacon, eggs, toast and marmalade, while the doctor,

keeping pace with her, tried to entertain her with small talk which required less answers. They didn’t hurry, she felt wide awake again, she assured him, but when they got into the car again, she fell asleep in the middle of thanking him. He awakened her gently when they reached the flat and she said at once in a deep sleep thickened voice: You don’t mind if i don’t ask you in for coffee? Not in the least, but i am coming in all the same.
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