Is He Serious To Marry You. If a man is serious to marry you, he will listen to your suggestions and counsel with respect. He will always speak to you with warmth and courtesy. A man who constantly or stubbornly insists on his own opinions and always hurts you with his plans, never allows you to have a say or refused to be convinced by any word that comes out from your mouth. He Frequently speaks to you in a rude and harsh manner and sometimes uses his fists to get you to do something for his selfish gain. Such a man can not be considered for marriage. If he is serious for marriage, he will submit to your needs, opinions and preferences sometimes. 
 Are You Satisfied With His Behaviour. Study your man to know whether he is a double minded person or not. If you find him to be double minded and not always true to his words. Dobt waste your time holding on to that relationship because it will necer lead to anything meaningful.

It will only stress you and cause a delay in your marital life. If he is always changing his decisions, it might specifically not be in the area of your relationship, know that he is a double minded person. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

What Is His Particular Interest In You. Encouragement makes any serious relationship so interesting and attractive that no matter how long it took your proposals to be fulfilled, you wouldnt want to drop out of the relationship. Encourage is one of the essential keys for any relationship to succeed. Two people doesnt walk together unless they agree.

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