Made Men Music Group (MMMG) Singer and Co-owner Iyanya has cleared the air over allegations of unpaid hotel bills levelled against him by sharing the proof of payment via his Instagram page.
The singer had earlier been accused by a promoter and business consultant Don Demoe, who added that he had not paid his hotel bills since Monday July 4, 2016.
According to Don Demoe, the Kukere crooner refused to pay his hotel bills at Hilton and has been living off promoters while on his US tour. In his words, he said: “It’s Iyanya, please pay your hotel bills at the Hilton and stop living off the same promoters you call broke. You haven’t paid your hotel bills since Monday July 4th and I’m tired of carrying you. Pay your bills as a big boy celebrity.”
Iyanya has however cleared the air by sharing the proof of payment on his Instagram page yesterday with the caption: “When haters try to make blessed people like me look bad please get your facts right. Thanks call Allison Schaefer for facts 7139741000.”


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