Carnage: The lorry used to kill a dozen people in Berlin last night was towed away from the scene as a 23-year-old asylum seeker was being interrogatedHorrific: The smashed front of the lorry used to kill people enjoying the run-up to Christmas. A wreath from one of the stalls was longed in its destroyed windscreen
A Pakistani asylum seeker believed to have used a hijacked 25-tonne lorry to kill more than 12 people and injure 48 more at a Berlin Christmas market had only been in Germany for months and was already known to police because of petty crime, The masked 23-year-old named as Naved B, who entered the country under a false name on New Year’s Eve 2015, turned off the truck’s lights before mounting the pavement at 40mph and ploughing through crowds of people enjoying mulled wine after work.
Tragedy: Inside the cab was the Polish driver who the lorry was hijacked from - he may have been murdered before the crash. Witnesses said victims were sent flying like bowling pins as the killer driver steered at them before jumping out of the cab and racing from the scene.
Police managed to take the masked terror suspect alive at a nearby zoo after a ‘hero’ witness in the Christmas market gave chase on foot while giving officers second-by-second updates on his phone. The terrorist Naved B is in a Berlin police station now. Victim: A body dragged under the lorry's wheels lies covered with a gold blanket this morning at the rear of the stolen lorryTrail of destruction: This is the path taken by the killer truck driver - and shows how it mounted a narrow strip of pavement around 80metres in length with the aim of killing as many people as possible. The white powder is believed to show where the bodies fell


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