Ever wondered the pain behind the gain of being a Journalist? The pay might be good but trust me, it is one hell of a risky job as they are being exposed to a lot of hazards and even threats to their life.

Here are a couple pictures of journalists and write-ups to follow as you just might want to reconsider becoming one hell of a  journalist;

This is Photographer Gleb Garanich injured from a police riot. He was injured as he tried taking pictures during a riot in Ukrainian capital, Kiev where the use of batons and stun grenades to disperse protesters from the city main Independence Square.

This is Samia Nakhoul who works for Reuters Middle East as an Editor. She is seen at the back of a car after been injured in a Palestine hotel which is located in Baghdad. This picture was taken in 2003 after a U.S tank fired a shell on the hotel where she happened to have been reporting from.
This is French photographer Remi Ochlik in 2011 with this picture taken in Cairo, Egypt. Remo Ochlik is said to have died on duty in 2012 when rockets fired by the government forces hit the house he was staying in during the Syrian besiege. He died alongside a colleague identified as Marie Colvin while a couple others were injured.

Asif Hassan who worked as a reporter for French News Agency can be seen sitting in a police truck after been shot in the chest during a protest orchestrated by Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba. This reporter suffered a couple of gunshot injuries fired by the protesters.

This picture shows a riot policeman punching Greek photographer and journalist, Tatiana Bolari during an ongoing demonstration in  Athens.


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