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Kim Kardashian has not talked to Taylor Swift recently.

While making an appearance on this weekend’s Watch What Happens Live episode with Andy Cohen, an audience member asked the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star about her feud with Taylor.
Back in July, Kim posted a series of Snapchat videos of Taylor and Kanye West talking about his song “Famous.” After the release of the videos, Taylor responded saying she would like to be “excluded from this narrative.”
Now, Kim is talking about the feud and revealing whether or not she thinks Kendall Jenner was ever in the singer’s squad.
Kim was asked on the show, “Was it awkward between you and Kendall or Kendall and Taylor because Kendall was a part of Taylor’s squad at the time?”
But Kim responded saying, “I don’t know if Kendall was a part of her squad, I don’t think she was. I don’t think it was awkward.”
When asked by host Andy if she’s had any contact with Taylor since the July video release, Kim shook her head.


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