A 33 year old woman have been charged 120,000 as refund of bride price for wanting to dissolve her 5 year  old barren marriage. 

The judge, Mr Abolade Banigbe said the court had done their best to help the couple reconcile but to no avail as the complaint Seliat Abeeb was bent on leaving the marriage claiming she was forced to marry her estranged husband. 
She also agreed to pay the sum of 120,000 as she is no longer interested in the marriage which is yet to produce a child despite her husbands plea for her to stay. 
She said “I was forced to marry him against my will. I know quite well that my husband had spent some money on me.
“I am ready to pay the N120, 000 he demanded as condition for my release. He cannot use the huge amount to deter me from leaving.“I am no longer interested in the union,
The judge, Mr Abolade Banigbe, in his ruling, said the court did its best to pacify Seliat but to no avail.
“We have no option than to dissolve the union.
“The case was earlier adjourned for settlement among the parties, but with the turn of event, the court has no option than to dissolve the marriage.
“I have tried my best in this circumstance to see that the couple remain one, but the woman stood her grounds.
““he union between them cease to exist from now,” Banigbe declared.
Banigbe, however, awarded the sum of N50, 000 to be paid to Abeeb as against the N120, 000 he demanded. 
Culled From (NAN)


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