A Very angry mob storm the Hospital where a 17 year old girl  Akansha was reportedly raped while she was in the Intensive Care Unit of Jagriti Hospital in the city of Kanpur northern India’s Uttar Pradesh state.

According to report the Mob and the Policemen clashed just at the entrance of the Hospital and the mob started beating up the Policemen blaming them for the rape of the girl as it is their duty to protect the teenager. 
The unfortunate incident happened after the 17 year old girl fainted at a party and was taken to the hospital. 
Akansha guaranteed that she was sedated and assaulted by a ward kid, or nursing aide, later that same night. 
She stated, “After I was conveyed to the ICU, my mom put on something else. Late around evening time, the ward kid showed up and said since your garments are wet, they should be changed. I requesting that he call an attendant or my mom yet he can’t.

“He said that there is no attendant accessible and my mom hosted backpedaled to the get-together and my dad had gone to take medication. 
“At that point he took me to the washroom and said not to feel shy before him. I needed to change garments before the ward kid. 
“He at that point requesting that I change my top too and began unfastening my top himself. I fled to my bed. 
“He at that point fled. The ward kid came back again and infused me, which made me fall asleep . He exploited the circumstance and assaulted me. 
“I could feel something incorrectly was going on however I couldn’t do anything as I was affected by the medication.” 
Akansha’s dad said that he had been kept from seeing his little girl that night. 
“In the morning I forcefully entered the ICU, where seeing the state of my little girl’s garments, I speculated that something wasn’t right. I woke her up and she began crying and informed me regarding the entire episode.”


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