Femi Fani Kayode Former Aviation Minister has publicly disagreed with the founder ofLatter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare who in his speech likened President Buhari to Biblical King David. 
According to Femi the pastor made a grave error as Buhari can only be likened to the rejected Pharaoh of Egypt whom God punished because of his wicked hardened heart. 
 In a statement that he signed “I have the greatest respect for Pastor Tunde Bakare and he knows how much I love him. However, he is in grave error when he compared Buhari to King David as has been reported…He said.
“David was an anointed servant of the living God and a member of the Kingdom of light. Buhari is not, but like Pharaoh and Herod…Buhari has been rejected by the Lord and he is suffering the judgment of God for his injustice and wickedness to others. He added.
The former minister also expressed his surprise that the President had threatened to deal with IPOB members who, he said, were making a legitimate demand.
He said…“A man called Nnamdi Kanu and his movement called IPOB single-handedly brought the whole of the South-East of our country to a standstill with his one day stay at home order. Yet, someone in the Presidency says they don’t consider him to be a leader of thought? Clearly, the Villa curse has set in.
“Delusion is a terrible affliction and treating those that have won the hearts and minds of millions of Igbo youth in our country with contempt and disdain will prove to be a costly mistake for the Buhari administration.”


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