Proud parents Cindy and Arthur welcomes one of the biggest baby in the world.

The couple Colin Austin Keisler was born at a whopping 14.4lbs and is about the size of a five month old toddler.
The parents Cindy and Arthur said they knew they were expecting a big baby but never knew the baby was that so big. 
The 38 year old father Arthur said “When he was born all the nurses and doctors were just flabbergasted.
“They were all trying to guess how big he was and they were googling big babies.
“As they were sewing my wife back up they pulled a scale into the operating room but he could barely fit on it.
“We knew we were going to have a big baby from the start because Cindy’s belly was huge. Everyone thought we were having twins.
“But we never thought he would be this big. I was shocked.”


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