A horrified mum claims she saw a ghost baby climb into her sons crib and lay down next to him through baby monitor. 

The 39 year old mum Laura had explained to the media that she set up the baby monitor after her 18 months old son tried to climb out from his cot. She further explained her shook the moment she saw a ghost baby climb into the little boys cot 
.”When I saw this face show up toward the side of his bed I got my sister to look on Skype and there was nothing there by any stretch of the imagination…She said
“Some of the time he conveys a teddy to bed with him so at first I thought it may be the case that, yet this equitable looks irregular. 
“I have looked at the camera and I’m certain there’s nothing amiss with it. 
“Companions believe it’s truly frightening. Whatever it was remained in the bed until 1.30am and vanished when I went to nourish him. Be that as it may, amid the night it moved positions.” 
Laura said she accepts if whatever showed up on camera implied any mischief then little Sebastian would have been disturbed. 
She said she trusts it intended no mischief as Sebastian rested soundly – and she has even seen him waving at unseen things in the room.


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