The Arewa youth leader Shettima Yerima has said he will submit himself if ever the authority called him for questioning about the igbo quit notice. The youth leader who issued the igbo quit notice had ordered the igbos to leave the 19 states of the northern people of Nigeria. 

He also made it clear that there was never a time that he went into hiding, insisting that if the security agencies declare him wanted he will summit himself for questioning. 
In an interview with Punch he said “I turned out poorly stowing away and will never remain in isolation. We have to put the record straight. 
“For the time being, no one is searching for me and I am prepared to submit myself in the event that I am called. I am not a joker. No one is searching for me and I am not concealing anyplace from anyone. I am in my town, I am a Nigerian. On the off chance that anyone searches for me, I will submit myself. I am not exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else. I am not on the run.” 
He at the end of the day demanded that the Igbos should leave Nigeria. 
“Why would it be advisable for me to seek total isolation? I have a name, I have a face. I am not faceless. 
“I am not stowing away anyplace. Why would it be advisable for me to stow away? Where did I turn out badly? Some person needs to go and I stated, ‘go, you’re allowed to go’. What isn’t right about it? 
“You can’t be in our nation and start to uproar for another nation. Go to your place and proclaim your own nation, not in my zone. It is a basic dialect. I have not conferred any offense,” Yerima included.


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