Wait for a minute—did Tyga just drop a track about Kylie Jenner?
While they may be leading separate lives, it sounds like the rapper may still have the reality star on his mind—at least, that’s what some listeners are musing. 
In his new track, “Playboy,” which dropped over the weekend, Tyga rhymes “a superstar, got it bad for me / If I hang up, she call right back to me / You cut her legs off, she crawl right back to me.” Considering Jenner and the “Rack City” star dated on and off for years and was his most high-profile relationship to date, the Internet is pointing to Jenner as the “superstar” he’s referring to. 
Signs of trouble in paradise for this on-and-off pair popped up in late March. As spring bloomed, the 19-year-old’s new romance with rapper Travis Scott heated up as they sat courtside in Houston, strolled in Miami, went clubbing in Boston and made out in Los Angeles.

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