As the Beyhive continues buzzing up a storm that the “Crazy in Love” singer is in labor and close to giving birth, E! News has learned that Jay Z was not able to attend the 48th Annual Songwriters Hall Of Fame Induction and Awards Gala in New York City. The Grammy winner was slated to accept the honor of being the first rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall.

“Thank you to all the people that have inspired me,” he shared on Twitter this evening. “Rakim KANE KRS chuck cube Jaz Em Andre Nas big PAC cole kendrick chance jayE…wait, Lauryn Nicki lite latifah common ye drake and meek. Run caz LL chainz cam tip (both of them) thought pharaoh, face. De la. Ice T. Wait. G Rap. Mel. Kurupt. Lox. X. Q. Ab lupe. Mos. Foxy. Boss . Ross. Quavo Future Travis too many f–k this. All you!T grizzley song best out.”

He continued, “S–t did I say redman ? Ghost and Rae . Wu tang I beat Genius in a rap battle I think ha . Busta (him too) Treach . Thug . B a rapper too! S–t …Wayne , Juve BG Nipsey . Kim . Slaughterhouse (yes mouse too ha) Folarin MC eiht . Short . 40 . Mac dre this shit hard .Never mind. Somebody find that reply I just hit please . I’m new on this . Anyway salute to anybody who made a song to feed their family or just vent. F–k ..50 cent big L sho ag nice and smooth Joe and pun. diggable butterfly esp…beanie young chris freeway SP okay for real this time.”

“F–k haa. Naw for real. Pastor Jeezy my partner. Okay I’m done. I’m deleting this app in the morning. S–t is impossible to get right. I promise I’m not drunk,” he continued while giving shout outs to more than 50 talented rappers. “Lord Pusha. Carti (Magnolia incredible)ASAP Sean P, Mobb, cudi. Tyler, earl, Snoop!!( almost played myself). Wait. Slick f–king Rick. Pimp C and bun. Wow. I just realized how many fresh people the culture has. Big Sean. Sauce money. Too many..Fab, black people really magic. Mac Miller nice too though.”


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