In a sneak peek of her appearance on The View (airing Tuesday, June 20), the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shares an update on her famous family’s ongoing drama with Caitlyn Jenner. The Olympic athlete’s tell-all memoir paints her marriage to ex Kris Jenner in a negative light, which has since prompted Kim to come to her mother’s defense and expose the rift in her and Caitlyn’s relationship.

Now, it seems, Kim is willing to make amends with her stepfather. “I definitely got upset about [the memoir],” she admitted. “In our family, we definitely are always so close and stick through everything. Everything is definitely going to be fine.”

The mom of two described feeling a “little shocked” by Jenner “putting some things out there that just weren’t true or didn’t really make sense or were hurtful… When I feel like at the end of the day, my mom and Caitlyn had a 25-year relationship and you have to have some respect for it.”


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