The mother of the trending Kardashians today sets Instagram ablaze after she post a picture of herself looking hot as she advertise a flat Tummy product.

She captioned the photo, People always ask me how I stay in shape and looking so good. I detox regularly, especially pre-summer. @flattummytea is my this year’s summer must-have and uhhh, I feel amazing (go get some today, there’s a 20% off sale on!)

Most of her fans wondered if her wrinkled free body was real. while most said the picture was photoshop claiming that they noticed some distortion in the wooden bench behind Kris.

Responds from her fans reads..
I’m sorry, but come on let’s be real, this is edited. People’s hard earned money goes to your edited promotions, kris. I know you gotta bigger heart than that! Lol.

I do think you look amazing for your age, but it would be nice to see an edited version. This image has been highly edited. Why don’t you show us the unphotoshopped version 😂😂😂.
The reason you look so good is because of photo editing, dont lie


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