A teacher with the Ogun State College of Health Technology, Ilese Ijebu, Dr Seyi Adu, has been inconclusively suspended by the school for purportedly engaging in sexual relations with a nursing understudy of the school, Mosunmola. In any case, while Adu, who is hitched with two kids, blamed the 28-year-old for alluring him, Mosunmola said the teacher pressured her into the relationship as a precondition to passing his course which she fizzled. 
A human rights legal advisor with the state service of equity was said to have effectively handled an arrangement between the twosome, wherein Adu consented to pay Mosunmola a month to month stipend of N5,000 notwithstanding N7,000 for her bet natal enlistment. 
Inside two months, the assention separated after Mosunmola exhibited a rundown of things required for her conveyance, which she esteemed at N50,000. 
Adu was said to have rejected the installment, saying she needed to swing him to a money bovine. 
The 28-year-old mourned that she had been surrendered to her destiny, including that she couldn’t raise cash for the child things. 
Mosunmola was later conveyed of a child kid at the General Hospital, Epe. 
A source at the school uncovered that a notice was posted at the regulatory square of the school, reporting Adu’s suspension. 
He stated, “The notice expressed that he had been suspended and no one ought to have any dealings with him. Everyone in the school has been discussing the notice.” 
The school representative, Ayodele Alaga, affirmed the improvement. 
He stated, “It is valid. The suspension is inconclusive. We have separated association with him. He was an assistant instructor. We will anticipate the ultimate result of the investigation by the ministry of health.


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