Nollywood Actor Jim Iyke pens down an inspiring message as he shares an epic throwback photo on his social media page.

He wrote…The symbol of this pic in my life is profound. A man I trusted deeply, a mentor no less, curved me out of a biz deal I had painstakingly for months set up in Toronto. He went behind me and due to his obvious clout and resources ousted me with ease.
Enraged and bitter I refused to settle for the crumps he threw to me as settlement.
Drained one night, I got on my knees and poured my heart out to the MAKER of men and opportunities.
2 months later a mutual friend introduced me to the favourite nephew and GM of the owner of the entity I pursued. They had been in school together. We hit it off instantly.
A week after I welcomed King Harv.
My ex mentor has been long gone but i continue to thrive and partner with the entity. I dare say they support largely all my endeavours and platforms in tremendous measures.
The moral of my account is that what we usually want is not what God gives. When he gives it comes with life long substance. My training and pysche sought a one time kill. His grace and mercy brought a long term sustainance.
To have gone at logger heads with my ex mentor would have brought bad blood and enmity.
His solution brought peace and a higher purpose.
I’ve seen men at the exhilarating heights of success and the doldrums of the bottom trade places in a blink.
It takes one deft move. Or one south turn.
Both fates orchestrated by his grace and mercy.
For everyone that feels left behind understand, and i reiterate, that he is the MAKER of man and opportunities.
At his time and bid he perfects all that concerns you for a higher purpose.
I took this pic as I left my friend’s home after that fateful introduction in Atlanta.
I wanted the genesis of this strata of my journey etched indelibly in my mental archive.
Sometimes when i get carried away and forget, my spirit man reminds me without lapse the history of my mileage.
Your time shall come. I am as certain as night and day.
Just thought to share.
It’s Monday. We have work to do. He will do the rest thereafter.
God bless us all whether you’re for or against us.
Gladys calls me IKECHUKWU from Heaven!!
I am a witness.
#Harvpapa #Gladysboi #GodBizChronicles


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