This is my first time of posting on this forum and I pray this get to as many people as possible.
Most folks dread the thought of testing positive to HIV but it shouldn’t be so. That is why it is very necessary to get tested at least once in a month.

I developed the habit of getting tested monthly (though I can beat my chest and say with pride that I am not a promiscuous fellow). But recently I skipped a couple of months in my routine for no apparent reason. The last time I got a test was mid-march so I went for a test last week and the test result came out positive. To be certain it wasn’t a mistake, I went to two other places and the results were adamantly positive.

Now some people may ask who who got me infected, but that is a none-issue as far as I’m concerned . I have even stopped asking myself how I got infected because it’s been more than two years since the last time I had sexual intercourse . So it can’t possibly have been sexually transmitted to me, most especially as the experts say the viral load is low which means I must have been recently infected, at most not more than five or six months.

I intend to utilize my status as an HIV+ person to reach out and help as many as I can. I am already posting on Facebook what I learn from counseling programs I attend on living with the virus.
The Doctors said they have to monitor my viral load and CD4 count for some time in order to determine the best treatment program for me. I know that if I stick to the treatment program and follow the Doctors advice diligently that I’ll still live a healthy life.

I use this medium to beg of everyone reading this to go for an HIV test. Knowing your status is key to helping yourself. If you are negative, please maintain all necessary prevention techniques…. avoid unprotected sex/multiple partners , don’t share needles/blades (if you can afford it, get your own hair clipper) but above all, get tested regularly.

If you find out that you are positive (like me) , please don’t despair. There are several HIV/AIDS centres in most hospitals across the nation where you can access help in the form of counseling and medications and these are mostly free of charge.

HIV is not a death sentence, you can still live a meaningful and healthy life despite your status.
Spread the message and not the virus.


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