This is a fair warning to all in Donation hub.

This would be my first time posting about ponzi schemes. I try as much as possible to distant myself from posts like that. But after experiencing some outcry from friends and colleagues, i decided to investigate the site.

donation came in october 2016 and after a few months, they claimed they had issues and participants monies got stuck, they requested for people to redonate to get their monies out, people redonated and within 3 days, they took down their sites and that was how they lost monies in February, 2017. Two weeks ago, they launched the same site but this time it was www.donation barely two weeks into the start, they are now claiming the site have issues again and requested that people come and redonate 50% to get their monies out. (same strategies as the first time). A few persons I know have about N8,000,000 eight million naira. That means they are expected to redonate 4,000,000 Four million naira to get their monies out.

People please if you know anyone, tell them to run away from www.donation
This is their telegram group and they have a rule that when you complain or suggest anythig on the group, they will block you. 


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