The Supreme Court has sentenced an individual from a neighborhood vigilante group in Benue State, Moavega Igba to death for murdering one Kyernum Kervo 15 years back for stealing goat meat. 

The convict was charged alongside one Michael Ankpergjer before the Benue State High Court, Makurdi, for causing the passing of Kervo. 
Reviewing how everything began, Justice Kumai Akaahs said after Kervo was captured for purportedly taking goat meat, the convict and his co-plotter directed a nearby trial, found the speculate blame, and in the end took him to a riverside. 
Equity Akaahs stated: “On achieving their goal, the charged tied the expired’s legs and laid him on the ground. They at that point spread the palm leaves over him and set him on fire.” 
‎The case was in the end answered to the Divisional Police Office in Konshisha Local Government Area of Benue State by relatives of the perished. 
“The man was dead and early disintegration had started,” Justice Akaahs said. 
The convict at first admitted however later said that his announcement was made under coercion, following which a trial inside trial was led to determine whether he was compelled to put forth the expression. 
One of the witnesses, Ayakpa Ayo affirmed that he had executed the goat for his in-law who came to go to the burial service of his sibling, Agena Mua. 
The convict was accused of murder before a Benue State High Court and was discovered liable. 
His interest to the Court of Appeal to upset his conviction additionally fizzled. He at long last spoke to the Supreme Court. 
In dismissing his allure, Justice Akaahs held: “There was along these lines overpowering proof to help the conviction and  of the litigant and his co-blamed to death for connivance and causing at fault murder deserving of death. 
“The appealing party’s activity with the co-blamed for setting the expired on fire for taking goat meat was inhuman and it drawn out the perfect viciousness in man portraying his brutish intuition in a Hobbesian condition of nature.”


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