Taylor Swift and her new man, British actor Joe Alwyn, have certainly caught some attention this weekend—the new couple had all eyes on them when they were photographed sipping on coffee and chatting on a balcony on Saturday in Nashville, Tenn. These are some of the first photographs of the twosome to surface since news broke last month that Tay had ditched her single-gal card and picked up a new flame.

In the pic, Taylor donned a loose-fitting fuchsia dress and appears at ease sipping coffee, talking and laughing with her rumored man, who inquiring minds are dying to know everything about. Her actor beau kept it cool, rocking a t-shirt and jeans for Joe’s morning cup of Joe. The two were spending time together in the Southern city, which is the singer’s hometown.

Unlike her previous romances, Taylor has been keeping this one under wraps and as private as possible. 


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