Parents of the six school children who were abducted by kidnappers at Lagos State Model College said they are all in panic as they no longer hear from their children nor the kidnappers.

We gathered that the kidnappers stopped communicating with the parents after a 10 Million Naira ransom was paid on the 8 of June.

According to one of the parents whose 14 year old child was kidnapped, they sold most of their valuable property just to raise the money which the kidnappers asked for but unfortunately they couldn’t meet up the demand of 50 Million Naira and they only offered 10 Million Naira to the kidnappers.

We gathered that the kidnappers blutantly refusned the 10 Million Naira Insisting that will only take 50 Million Naira.

The father of another victim lamented that the more the kidnappers keep quiet, the more they fear for the lives of their children.

He said,

“I wish they would at least let us speak with them on the phone. If we hear their voices, it would calm us down. Right now, we are all in panic. In fact, panic is not the right word to describe what we fear.
“We took a letter to the state government and we could not even see the deputy governor, who was said to be in a meeting at the time. She could not even put the meeting on hold to speak with us for a minute.”


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