Nigeria’s previous Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke once purportedly undermined to uncover everything that unfolded in the questionable deceitful exchanges amongst her and co-backstabbers, Kola Aluko and Jide Omokore.

She made the remark in a recorded phone discussion, acquired by the prosecutors testing the debasement claims against her.

It has now been recorded as a feature of a common protest by the United States Department of Justice (DoJ),seeking the relinquishment of over $144 million slush reserves.

In the recorded discussion with Aluko, Diezani said she helped her co-schemers secure the multi-billion dollar Strategic Alliance Agreements (SAAs) bargains.

She communicated her resentment regarding the securing of benefits by Aluko and Omokore.

Dieziani cautioned that they may welcome law authorization organizations because of their luxurious way of life.

“You and Jide [i.e., OMOKORE] had probably the most help that we could give. When we’re not doing whatever else, we stuck our necks out with respect to the SAA and we upheld it. [INAUDIBLE] How you two have destroyed it is skeptical and staggering to every one of us,” she said.

“I addressed you a few times about your general conduct, obtaining of benefits, and so on., requesting that you be more cautious in light of the fact that [INAUDIBLE] will begin tailing you. I recollect that we had this open exchange more than once. You continued revealing to me that there was no issue since you did it unquestionably, you did it in a certain—and I continued disclosing to you that it doesn’t make a difference how you do it.

“When you begin procuring, securing, gaining at a specific level, at that point you’ll be—regardless, whether it was done in the most straightforward—you comprehend?— way or not, on account of they will need to follow where it originated from. This is a time of fear mongering.

“On the off chance that you need to contract a yacht, you rent it for two weeks or whatever. You don’t go and sink stores into it as of now when Nigerian oil and gas segment is under a wide range of watch, as we have been for quite a while, and where Atlantic [i.e., AEDC or potentially AEBD] itself has been the subject of a wide range of theory,” she said.

In the recorded sound, the ex-Minister undermined that she was prepared to uncover everything that unfolded between them to Nigerians.

“I said let him know [i.e., ALUKO] to bring everything out, and afterward you know what will happen? Don’t sweat it, I will be glad to escort every one of you to prison alongside myself. I stated, indeed, you’ll be stunned by what I will do. Since with regards to that, I will turn out and tell the Nigerian individuals this is what happened.

“Gracious, yes, I will point the finger at myself, however it [INAUDIBLE] put and everything. Anything they need to state, I am upbeat to go. In any case, I will turn out straightforwardly and say it with the goal that they can judge me transparently. And afterward every one of us go and sit on the door. Give us a chance to see who survived [INAUDIBLE], me or you,” she said.

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