A chief minister of the Laborers Assembly, in Singorwet ward, Bomet County, Kenya, minister Nwanga Gwranja has been protected after unsuccessful endeavored to travel to Jerusalem utilizing manufactured wings.

The disputable minister tumbled off a tree and break his legs all the while.

Gwranja, known for foreseeing the second coming of Jesus on a few events, something which has never happened, is said to have gone round the town declaring his takeoff to Jerusalem.

As per Newsmen, the minister said he was following a welcome by God himself in a fantasy.

Inhabitants said the minister, who had tied extemporized wings made of polythene packs and clothes to his shoulders, had additionally talked amid his sermon early Sunday, of his up and coming trek to Jerusalem.

An individual from the congregation told the News Men, “We thought he was clowning until the point that he seemed wearing his flying apparatus, saying goodbye to individuals.”

He was said to have solicited inquisitive individuals from his congregation, who had accumulated to see him off, to escort him to a tall Eucalyptus tree, which he guaranteed was a reasonable take off point, as uncovered to him by God.

As the minister moved on the tree apprehensive parishioners, who thought he was on a suicide mission, alarmed the central who thusly called the police and ambulances for a crisis safeguard.

Word had gone round and inside a brief timeframe, the scene was stuck with a huge number of local people, anxious to see the godly man traveling to Jerusalem.

In the mean time, specialists were wildly attempting to inspire him to descend.

Endeavors by the choir ace, a dear companion to the minister, to persuade him to forsake his flight to Jerusalem fell on hard of hearing years as the minister held fast, demanding, “I should travel to Jerusalem”.

“You can’t stop a thought whose time has come all the more so when it has the endowments of the most high! Simply let me go”, demanded the minister on the tall tree.

Older folks were soon summoned to come and persuade the resolute minister against endeavoring to take off without their endowments.

Be that as it may, the older folks were met with absolute stun when the righteous man reprimanded them, saying God was demonstrating to him the senior citizens consuming in hellfire for attempting to stop him.

“You can charge people to quit conflicting with common societies yet ordering against God’s precept is incomprehensible.

“You ought to rather atone in light of the fact that these are the latest days, Jesus is returning,” the minister countered.

Cries and grieving of ladies and youngsters who dreaded for the minister’s life, did not stop the righteous man.

When he found that a young fellow who had climbed the tree to get him was practically making up for lost time with him, he spread his wings and took a dive.

The minister came tumbling down with a crash, and instantly started moaning, requesting help.

Gwranja’s legs were broken, his nose seeping as he later gone out.

He was hurried to a neighborhood healing facility.

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