The General Overseer of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, has charged that, “Islamists are set on islamising Nigeria.”

In a video which surfaced on Sunday, the pastor cautioned that the claimed plot won’t, “see the light of the day.”

Oyedepo likewise noticed that the, “rejecting of Christian Religious Knowledge from optional school syllabus was a “distortion,” of the nation’s constitution.

He stated, “God sent me to this era as a prophet and not to Nigeria and I have clean thought of where Nigeria is heading.

“The National Elders Christian Forum a week ago in their meeting refered to that Nigeria has propelled a Jihad yet as we ask as a congregation abhorrent should be turned away.

“The Islamists are set on Islamising this nation yet this is not Nigeria of 1964. I pledge under God as a prophet it won’t see the light of the day. The endeavor to scrap Christian Religious Knowledge from the syllabus of the Secondary school is a deviation of the constitution, it will never stand.

“CAN, PFN, National Christian Elders Forum comprised of men like senior Solomon Asemota, T.Y. Danjuma Joshua Dogonyaro and the preferences have talked.

“Anybody that wouldn’t give this nation rest will be sent to quiet, anybody arranging gore, it will just happen to them and their family

“I don’t mean Islam as a Religion, i mean the Islamist Politics, as long as a few of us are alive day we say to the fiend nothing more will be tolerated.”

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