A disappointed Nigerian medicinal specialist, Henry Bello, on Friday, burst into the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center, New York, United States with an equipped rifle, killing one and harming six others. 
As indicated by the New York Police Department, Bello likewise started shooting at himself and passed on simultaneously. 
The 45 year old suspect was discovered dead on the seventeenth floor of the office, the city police disclosed to NBC News. 
The gunfire was first detailed at 3pm on the eighth floor of the doctor’s facility and it was quickly put on secure as police propelled a story by-floor scan for the furnished interloper. 
“This would show up, for starters, to be a previous worker wearing a doctor’s facility coat like what you would see a specialist wearing, who knows about the healing center, which makes the circumstance significantly more tricky,” authorities stated, including that Bello had a rifle, potentially an AR-15 sort attack rifle, and had already worked at the clinic Just before 4pm, the Assistant Commissioner for Communication for the NYPD, Peter Donald, declared the look for the suspect was finished. 
“One shooter is expired at the healing center,” he said. 
Before executing himself, Bello attempted to begin a fire on the sixteenth floor that was splashed by the healing center’s sprinkler framework, a senior authority with coordinate information of the occurrence said. The Federal Bureau of Investigation declared in a tweet later that the circumstance was not a demonstration of oppression. 


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