Barack Obama’s first born Malia Obama reacted angrily to an old lady who took a snap of her even after she Politely declined her request.

The 19 year old Malia who moved into her dorm and now officially a student at Harvard University appears to be the most popular freshman and it seems the public attention is beginning to weigh on her.

According to TMZ Malia reacted angrily to a gawker who waited outside a campus store in order to take a picture of her on Saturday.

According to the gossip site an eyewitness reported a woman approached Malia at a salad shop in Cambridge’s Harvard Square asking for a picture for her grandson.

After Malia politely declined, the woman reportedly walked outside and waited for her to complete her purchase and exit the store.

As Malia left the store, the woman snapped a photo, prompting the newly minted college student to say: ‘Are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage?’

The happy grandmother ended up walking away with her desired photo.

Malia is managing to avoid detection despite the thousands of people around the campus and in Cambridge.


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