A mass brawl broke out yesterday during the Mayweather and Mcgregor $600.000 million worth fight when a 29 year old man was stabbed in the neck.

A video posted on social media shows men fighting and a 24 year old man stabbing a 29 year old man in the neck.

The incident confirmed by the police was said to have spread onto a street in Surfers Paradise, Australia, with the aftermath footage showing a bloodied man making obscene gestures and showing off his handcuffs to cameras.

According to 9news One guy started the fight with two brothers. Four guys ran in and the fifth guy ran in trying to hit the guys defending themselves with the glass but he missed and hit his own friend in the forehead,”

Other witnesses said the pub had been packed full of fans who were watching the boxing bout.

People are seen trading blows in the video, with onlookers calling for calm.


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