A 30 year old man identified as Yuriy Golovin has been arrested in Russia for “digging up the corpse of his deceased ex-girlfriend and burning it after Claiming the girl’s spirit was haunting him.

Reports say the deceased commited suicide five years ago when she was 17 year old with the breakdown of their relationship.

The 17 year old teenager Olga reportedly committed suicide five years ago by hanging herself after struggling .

According to reports Golovin now claims that she has been appearing in his dreams ever Since she died.

Golovin allegedly carried out the act with the help of an unidentified 23-year-old accomplice, who is understood to have also been arrested.

Bizarre images showed Golovin or his accomplice sleeping in the grave images on social media. One account said: “He went to a sorceress and was advised to get her body out of her grave and burn it.’

Police have launched a probe which could result in a five-year jail term for the accused.

There was reportedly fire damage to the coffin, but it was not completely destroyed


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