A air hostess with Virgin air has claims she was forced to resign from her job because she posted a comment about Star Rita Ora online after she met the star on Virgin Air.

25 year old Charlotte Whittingham who told her girlfriend about meeting the singer was fired after her girlfriend made a facebook post of how lucky she was.

While the hostess replied “flawless and gorgeous” and looked like a “beautiful oil painting”.

But the now viral post attracted her friends and cost her her dream job.

According to reports from Sun she said : “I’m a fan, but I stayed totally professional.

“She was so friendly and gorgeous I thought I’d share it.

“I paid her a compliment — I never thought it would jeopardise my job.”

When Mirror Online contacted the company for comment the company told the Sun: “We respect both employee privacy and our customers’ privacy and therefore cannot comment on any specific situations.

“In general, we expect high standards of behaviour from all employees and ensure customer privacy is maintained across the Virgin Atlantic experience.”


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