The government of River State has reacted to the News of a ritual murder escape from the Police custody.

The ritual murder suspect who was an undergraduate University of Port Harcourt escape from police custody after he was arrested for allegedly killing an 8 year old girl and removing her private parts.

In a statement made on Wednesday in Port Harcourt, the State Deputy Governor Dr. (Mrs.) Ipalibo Harry Banigo said it was embarrassing to hear that a ritual murder suspect in police custody could escape.

The Deputy Governor urged the Police and other law enforcement Agencies to step up their game and ensure that the suspect was rearrested and justice be served without delay.

She added that the report that the arrested suspect escaped from the hands of the Investigating Police officer was totally unacceptable.

Banigo, however, condoled the bereaved family on the gruesome murder of little Miss Victory Chikamnso.

She said “as a mother, I am still numb with shock to hear that a full grown man could defile an eight year old girl and also go ahead to mutilate her body for purported money rituals.


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