Two close friends who fell apart after one got married and the other didn’t get invitation card to the special say has reunited.

The 36 year old Bride, Donna Sidebotham thought her 34 year old close friend Chris Kimber couldn’t make it to her wedding, without knowing that he didn’t even receive the Invitation card.

On the other hand, Chris Number assumed his close friend didn’t want him to attend the wedding.

The friends grew apart over the incident – but it wasn’t until last week that they realized Royal Mail had failed to deliver the letter for four Years and half Years.

Donna said: “I can’t believe that it took four and a half years for Royal Mail to deliver a letter.

“I sent the invitations in January 2013 before my wedding in April and assumed the mail service would do it’s thing.

“I had put my return to sender on the back in case any letters got lost, so assumed if there were any problems it would come back to me.

But after a few weeks and no response from Chris I assumed that he couldn’t make it.

“Meanwhile Chris thought that I hadn’t invited him to my special day – even though he’d come to my engagement party.”

The bride who married partner Brian, a software engineer planned their special day for April 2, 2013, and they wanted to involve all their close friends and family.

So the couple organised the event to take place on Monkey Island in Bray, Berkshire with 45 day guests and 140 evening guests on April 2, 2013 but one close friend Chris was nowhere to be found on her special day

Donna explain how she had the most ‘magical’ wedding day on April 2 where her pet dog was her ring bearer – and peacocks roamed the grounds.

She said: “It was such an amazing day. It was all outside even though it was April and we had scones with jam and cream and my dog was my ringbearer.

“There were 45 guests in the day and 140 in the evening and everyone came to dance and drink.


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