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A 17 year old mum of one Viktoria Kuznetsova has been condemned to 10 years in jail after she left out her nine-month-old child Egor to starve to death while she left celebrating for seven days.

Reports say the guilty party sat tight until the point when her better half left for military administration before relinquishing the Child.

She remained in different understudy settlement for seven days before the caution was raised.

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Neighbors wound up plainly concerned when they hadn’t seen either Kuznetsova or Egor and called police.

 As indicated by reports, Kuznetsova had told companions the child was with her auntie.

She had even taken to online networking to gloat of hanging out with Nastya” while her infant was passing on.

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She supposedly admitted to police and said she had endeavored to give the tyke to a shelter when he was a month old – yet he was later returned.


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