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The mum of a cyclist who thumped down and murdered a mother-of-two had upheld the correctional facility sentence given to her 18 year old child Charlie Allison after he executed Mrs Briggs while riding an unlawful Olympic-style dashing bicycle.

Charlie Alliston, was going at 18mph on a settled wheel track bicycle with no front brakes before he collided with 44-year-old Kim Briggs as she crossed a road.

Alliston got up and yelled and swore at Mrs Briggs as she lay lethally harmed, and later said the mischance was “her blame” in a string of proud online networking posts.

In any case he was indicted the 1861 wrongdoing of “wanton and incensed driving” on the grounds that risky driving does not make a difference to cyclists.

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Alliston’s mom Karan today created an impression read by his specialist Dale Beeson outside the Old Bailey following the sentence.

She said: “On behalf of my son Charlie and all his family we would like to express our sincere condolences to the Briggs family for their loss.

We know that they bear the heaviest loss of all in this case.

“My son Charlie, whilst acquitted of the most serious charge in this case, has been sentenced appropriately.

“I would like to thank the jury for the evident care they took in this landmark case.
 “I would also like to thank the judge for the fair way in which this case was conducted.”

The Judge who sentenced Charlie Wendy Joseph QC said: “I am satisfied in some part it was this so-called thrill that motivated you to ride without a front brake shouting and swearing at pedestrians to get out of the way.

“I’ve heard your evidence and I have no doubt that even now you remain obstinately sure of yourself and your own abilities.

“I have no doubt you are wrong in this. You were an accident waiting to happen.

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“The victim could have been any pedestrian. It was in fact Mrs Kim Briggs.”

The judge said Alliston’s “whole manner of driving” caused the accident.

“If your bicycle had a front wheel brake you could have stopped but on this illegal bike you could not and on your evidence, by this stage, you were not even trying to slow or stop.

“You expected her to get out of the way.

His family communicated their “genuine sympathies” to the group of his casualty after he was imprisoned today.

Furthermore, the case indicated why change of cycling laws was direly required after the demise of Kim Briggs, his legal counselor said.

Check Wyeth QC, who protected Alliston, created an impression advocating widower Matthew Briggs’ battle to change cycling laws.

Talking outside court, he stated: “This case has been extraordinary – it fixates on a flat out catastrophe for the Briggs family.

“Be that as it may, it likewise raises a matter of extraordinary open significance concerning the law of this land.

“Mr Briggs has made an open interest for the change of the law here – he is all in all correct to do as such.

“This case represents why that requirement for change is squeezing.

“I respectfully agree with and support Mr Briggs in his dignified quest for that reform which he undertakes in the memory of his wife.”


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