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An 18 year old school boy has been sentenced to charity work after he attack Bunq database.

Reports says the school boy was angry at Bunq because the fintech bank raised the prices of its customers Subscription model from 1 euro a month to 7.99 euros a month, which caused anger in many customers. 

The boy made a ddos ​​attack to Bunq through a botnet (a network of infected computers) that the boy had bought.

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The attack made the company’s app less accessible through out Thursday evening and at some times on Friday.

The Bunq team has had to work through the weekend to beat new attacks. 

The Bunq started investigating into who was behind the attack.

 According to Djurre: The perpetrator sent an email apologizing to the company and later went to the company’s offices and confessed.

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He said, “As we got closer he decided to step forward himself. He, J., just visited our office to apologize for his actions. He is 18 and still in school.

He apologized sincerely.”

“We think that is too much of a punishment for what is essentially a youthful sin.

Instead we agreed he will do a week of community service for Amnesty International.”


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