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A 17 year old teen girl Lestina Marie Smith who was accused of raping a 19 year old teen boy at knifepoint in his car and filming part of the alleged incident has been sentenced to probation.

The victim had testified earlier in the case that they had dated for almost two months late last year but broke up after Smith hit him.

 A few months later rapist allegedly asked him to meet her and threatened him with a knife before raping him.

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New york post says Smith who is currently 18 years of age looked up to life in jail yet couldn’t maintain a strategic distance from a prison sentence in the wake of arguing no challenge to lesser allegations.

 US state laws enable a litigant to argue no challenge when they neither debate nor admit to a wrongdoing. It is not an affirmation of blame, and such a request is not allowed in UK courts.

 The court heard that Smith, from Saginaw, Michigan, recorded piece of the charged occurrence on January 11,

The man, now matured 20, told the court that he didn’t know why Smith needed to meet him that day, however confessed to calling her a “prostitute” on Facebook days sooner.

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He likewise said that she had erased a video of them engaging in sexual relations.

Smith was accused of two tallies of first-degree criminal sexual lead.

She has argued no challenge to second-degree criminal sexual lead, and prosecutors have consented to drop the most genuine accusations when she is condemned one month from now, the New York Post revealed.

She faces a most extreme 15 year sentence, yet could be given probation and prison time.


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