Aleisha Caught Urinating In Pub

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A 20 year old woman Aleisha who was discovered urinating on a doorstep of The Mission bar said she has begun to “see the entertaining side” after the security film circulated around the web on Facebook.

Aleisha who was seen urinating on the doorstep of The Mission pub at 11.50pm on Sunday night by CCTV cameras has stood up about the video which was observed more than 50,000 times previously it was brought down.

 Aleisha says she got a great deal of detest via web-based networking media.

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“I don’t remember a thing about that night,” she said. “Me and my friend had been at Atik and we were just wandering down the street.

“I must have been busting for a wee, but I don’t remember doing it all.

 I was really angry when I first saw the video, and loads of friends had tagged me in it, but now I’m just seeing the funny side.”

 Aleisha had gone to watch rapper MoStack perform at the opening of the new Atik nightclub in Princes Dock Street before she exited to stroll down Posterngate with her companion.

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She was then observed strolling towards the doorstep of The Mission and continued to pull down her clothing and urinate.

“It was a bit embarrassing at first but now I don’t really care,” she said.

“I have got a lot of hate from it, especially from girls, but I’ve just decided to ignore them.

“I’m more mad that this man has put the video on Facebook for everyone to see.”


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