Kendall Jenner Music Video For Fergie

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22 year old model Kendall Jenner new music video for 42 year old star Fergie has been Released on Thursday for Enchanté (Carine), a song that features singing from her four-year-old son Axl Jack.

 As found in the video Kendall Jenner has all the earmarks of being always vanishing and emerging forward and backward over a column of three beds.

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Starting with one posture then onto the next, she’s either extending herself or strolling about in a nightie or – in another nightie – playing a horn, in addition to other things.

 At that point, from the room, she ends up in an entryway, in which comparable altering demonstrates her either strolling pets upstairs or doing a little move or remaining in a lift.

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Kendall’s seen displaying different looks in the mirror, and at a couple of focuses in the video, a group of Kendalls are altogether observed sitting together at an eating table.

In one washroom scene, one Kendall relax in the tub arcing her supermodel legs over the sides for impact – and another prepares while hanging over the sink.


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