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The ex-girlfriend of a pop star has been captured the previous evening on suspect of murdering her French babysitter and burning her body in the garden of her £900,000 home.

 34 year old Sabrina Quider, whose previous boyfriend was a one-time individual from a notable kid band, was held after concerned parents strolling their youngsters home from school announced an extensive blast and ‘putrid smoke’.

 Police dashed to mother-of-two Miss Quider’s Victorian end-of-patio home in Southfields, a princely South London suburb, after an inquisitive kid of eight scaled the back garden door and saw an enormous campfire with a man tossing what he thought were ‘sticks’ on the flares.

 At the point when officers landed at 6.30pm on Wednesday, the body was so severely consumed they couldn’t set up her age or considerably sexual orientation. Yet, the casualty was named locally as Sophie Lionnet, 21, a caretaker from Troyes, a town in north-eastern France.

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The Frenchwoman, who came to London to learn English, is thought to have been living with Miss Quider at her level for 14 months looking after her three-year-old girl and child matured six.

Miss Quider is isolated from the father of one of her youngsters, an Irish artist who is currently a globally effective music tycoon living in Los Angeles.

Neighbors said the French-Algerian mother, who cases to fill in as a beautician, make-up craftsman, mold fashioner and musician, ‘had a great deal of cash’ and a bustling social life, depending on her caretaker to work extended periods for £50 a month.

Via web-based networking media, Miss Quider postured for captivating pictures on evenings out at different eateries.

 One companion of the victim said: ‘She came here to learn English, however thought that it was exceptionally troublesome here.

Sabrina enjoyed her social life and loved going out with her companions.

There dependably appeared to be a lot of cash.

She has had Sophie, who is from a poor French family, living in her little home for 14 months.

 ‘Sophie had been despondent for quite a while – so troubled she cleared out to remain with one of her couple of companions for two evenings a month ago.

‘She had at last chosen to go home however, and had recently requested that her mum send her £40 so she could bear the cost of the charge.

‘She should have backpedaled on Monday.

She never arrived. Sabrina was dependably a genuine gathering young lady, out grinning with companions. She was altogether different with Sophie at home.’

The companion included: ‘The father of [Miss Quider’s]son left some time back and she has another beau, who is likewise French Algerian. It was him who acquainted Sabrina with Sophie.’

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Neighbors recounted their frightfulness. One lady, who did not have any desire to be named, stated: ‘I was strolling past in transit home from school and we could see blazes through the fence posts.

 My young child got out, “On the off chance that you are having a grill, would we say we are permitted to come?”. I let him know, “no that is not a grill, that is a terrible stench”. I figured they might consume takes off.’

Another occupant stated: ‘We saw smoke and there was a foul odor. My child was being somewhat saucy and he scaled the fence to investigate and he saw a man clearing up what we thought were sticks and putting them on the blaze.’

 A lady living near the suspect stated: ‘It unquestionably did not possess a scent reminiscent of a grill so I couldn’t think what they were burning.’

A man living in the best floor level of the changed over property said he had whined to the proprietor about a ‘gassy scent’ on Tuesday

He said: ‘The couple who lived in the level were not the friendliest combine – we would hear them having truly boisterous contentions underneath.’

Miss Quider was captured at the scene with a 40-year-old man. The previous evening police were all the while addressing them on doubt of murder.

A body pack was yesterday determined from the scene in a private emergency vehicle, while crime scene investigation officers proceeded with their work.

Criminologist Inspector Richard Leonard stated: ‘I might want to speak to those in and around the zone to offer clues.’


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