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A 37 year old web fraudster Alexander Akinyele from Nigeria has met his waterloo in the UK after he was sentenced for extortion.

The fraudster who tossed a wallet full with counterfeit Visas out of his window when NCA officers landed to capture him has been imprisoned for two years and four months.

The suspect had before confessed to ten extortion offenses, a Computer Misuse Act Offense and to ownership of a false ID with intention.

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Judge Heather Lloyd who Sentenced the suspect to jail today at Preston Crown Court, depicted Akinyele’s criminal movement as “a tenacious and genuine offense.

NCA officer Andrew Shorrock stated: “Akinyele used other people’s identities for financial gain, including that of a 74-year-old man.

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When Akinyele finally had to accept responsibility himself he resorted to really quite desperate measures, throwing evidence out of the window.


“The effect of ID fraud on victims, who are often the most vulnerable in our society, can last for a long time.


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