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A 65 year old sorrowful mum has told how she got a card from her “adoring” child the day after he was discovered dangled from a Hull railroad connect.

Reports say 40 year old Kristian Millard, had battled and won his long-standing fight with heroin and cocaine enslavement a few years back.

Amid visit with the deceased mother Lyn Wilcock,

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She said “I’m devastated. He was a loving son. If only he’d have held on a little while longer, everything would have been OK. He sabotaged his life.

“He had been off drugs for six years. We attended a ceremony at Renew, the drug and alcohol service. We had tears in our eyes. He was so proud that he’d beaten drugs. We all were.

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We gathered that the deceased had earlier sent a mothers day card to his mom a day before he killed himself.

“But for Kristian, gambling was even more dangerous than heroin.”

Mrs Wilcock, who lives in Gilberdyke with her 71 year old husband, Ian, said: “In the note, Kristian had written,

‘I have another addiction. I can’t go through it again.”


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