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A 49 year old guardian Nicholas Atkinson has been captured and charged to court for tricking a 82 year old impaired lady out of more than £2,000 to pay for liquor.

As indicated by Beverly Magistrate Court, the offender who lives in shielded settlement in Pocklington, has break the trust he got from the old woman.

It started when the old woman was acquainted with Atkinson who was to help her in minor jobs as she was incapacitated.

Among his errands was to do her week by week shopping, for which he utilized her check card, and in spite of the fact that he brought back receipts from the general store she never took a look at them in view of her poor vision.

The casualty even started to help pay his rent during each time since she remembered he “wasn’t great at paying it”.

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Be that as it may, in January 2015, Atkinson made the first of more than 40 unapproved withdrawals from a cash points to spend on drinks.

 His propensity just became exposed in August this year when the casualty, who got her bank explanations in Bold composition so she could read them, found that £50 had been taken out from a Sainsbury’s cash machine.

Prosecutor Alex Dixon told judges how Atkinson denied the culpable when he was gone up against by the old woman.

She said: “The defendant said, ‘It wasn’t me’. The defendant said she must have swiped her card near something or she must have left her card somewhere.

She said that she can’t utilize a money machine in light of her visual perception and that she’d not given anybody consent to utilize the money machine.

The litigant still denied utilizing her card and afterward went out.

The complainant made further checks and found other money withdrawals had been made which she’d not given any consent for, or approved.

“She was exceptionally concerned and told a site superintendent in her protected convenience, and a grumbling was thus made to The police.

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Atkinson was captured on August 25 and made a “full confirmation” in his police meet. The sum he stole signified £2,050.

He revealed to them that he had lost the greater part of his family to either demise or psychological instability and that he’d swung to liquor to adapt.

He later depicted his own culpable as “terrible” and “disreputable”.

Be that as it may he was Handed a 26-week jail sentence, suspended for a long time, judge Sandra Fawcett let him know: “In this terrible breach of trust, this lady put her complete faith in you and you took her money over a long period of time.

We’ve heard the impact this has had on her.”

Atkinson, who has been unemployed since his arrest, must also complete 240 hours of unpaid work, and repay the £2,050 in full.


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