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A newly wedded 31 year old bride’s joy was cut short after her mother collapsed and died on her wedding day just few hours after she said her vows to her 32 year old boyfriend who she dated for five years.

The deceased, Jean Fray pose with joy and pride for the camera after watching her eldest daughter make her wedding vows.

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Report says Jean Fray was a primary school teacher with full of life and nobody could have guessed the terrible tragedy that was about to unfold.

Yet within an hour fit and healthy Jean had collapsed after suffering a catastrophic brain haemorrhage at the drinks reception.

She slipped into unconsciousness and died the next day in hospital with her devastated daughter at her side – still wearing her wedding dress.

 During chat with the bride, Marcia Holmes, bravely tells how her fairy-tale castle wedding to boyfriend ended in utter heartbreak.

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She said: “What is keeping me going is that mum had a really good party on her last day and was the happiest I’ve ever seen her.

“I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, but the evening before the wedding I gave her a card and in that message I wrote everything I needed to say to her.

“She knew how much I loved her and we had such an amazing morning together getting ready for the wedding.

They are memories I will treasure forever.

After she died I saw messages on her phone that she’d sent friends telling them she was crying tears of joy.”


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