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The Kaduna State Police Command thwarted another capturing operation on Tuesday barely 48 hours after a Kaduna-based specialist Alhaji Sherif Abida Yazid was killed by criminals and his better half kidnapped along Kaduna-Abuja double carriage road.

The Police Public Relation Officer ASP Aliyu Mukhtar affirmed that the associated criminals attacked the living arrangement with the previous Chairman of the vigilante aggregate in Shika, Sabon Gari Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Alhaji Mustapha Ghali with plans to snatch it tenants.

The Kidnapers as per the representative for Kaduna Police summon laid attack on the property and later compellingly embraced Alhaji Ghali and two of his little girls.

Be that as it may, the Police Special Response Squad raged the range and connected with the criminals in a savage weapon duel which brought about said Alhaji Ghali and two Police Officers maintained fluctuating degrees of damage.

He additionally affirmed the passing of the father of the stole young ladies in a doctor’s facility while accepting treatment because of projectile damage supported from crossfire between the Police and the criminals.

At the point when the Kidnapers couldn’t withstand the terminating energy of the Police, they surrendered the two little girls and escape into the shrubbery, the Police source said.

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The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Agyole Abeh has requested a re-authorization of Police work force to the range to brush the timberland keeping in mind the end goal to capture the escaping outlaws

“It is exceptionally tragic that amid the cross terminating Alhaji Ghali was hit and articulated dead at ABU Teaching Hospital Shika, where he was raced to for Medical consideration.

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“Some of our policemen additionally supported damage and are likewise getting treated at the Shika General Hospital.

“We are on the trail of the escaping criminals and we might convey them to equity soon”, he said.

In the interim the seized spouse of a Kaduna-based businessperson, Hajiya Jamila Sheriff Abadeh Yazid has been safeguarded and as of now getting therapeutic treatment at a clinic in Kaduna for the mental injury she endured amid her imprisonment.


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