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A 29-year-old suspect, Raphael Ndukwu, has been captured by Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad (FSARS) of Lagos State Police Command, for purportedly murdering a Rev. Father in Imo State.

The Suspect who was likewise recognized as an individual from the posse that as of late kidnapped and killed a Reverend Father in Owerri was grabbed yesterday.

The suspect was grabbed by FSARS agents after his current operation where he hijacked one Gloria Emordi and carried off her Toyota Venza Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), which is yet to be recouped.

Reports say the victim went to Orlu, the place where she grew up in Imo from Lagos where she dwells, when she was seized. As per police sources, the suspect was grabbed after a tip-off from witnesses, who indicated police that he had fled to Lagos to take asylum after the Imo operation.

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The source said: “The suspect is a leader of a notorious armed robbery and kidnapping gang that has been terrorising Imo and its environs. He usually comes to Ojo in Lagos to take refuge after any operation.

From our investigation, the suspect is among the gang members that killed the Catholic priest in Owerri, Imo State, Cyriacus Onunkwo.”

The police supervisor, who unveiled this at a partners’ security meeting with Ikeja inhabitants, said this was in accordance with knowledge drove policing to help group policing.

 The police manager additionally vowed help for the cautiousness gatherings’ security men as long as they have been profiled and enlisted with the police.

He said “Every police officer would now have a pocket notebook to jot down information given to them by members of the public while on duty. This information would be forwarded to the Divisional Information Officer at the end of the day for thorough processing.

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“This has become important as it has been observed that people often give information to policemen and it ends there but that will cease from now,” he said adding that there is no police force all over the world that can perform without intelligence.

In the interim, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, has said Divisional Intelligence Offices would be set up at police headquarters over the state to deal with data given by individuals from the general population.

 “If we fail to do so, we will fail to gain your trust and community policing will fail. We encourage the people to say something when they see something. It is our duty to process the information and we promise to protect your identity.

 “The police would also regulate the use of police stickers and other police souvenirs which had made some people fall victim of kidnappers.

You know when a person enters a bus feeling safe after seeing a police sticker on it but eventually falls victim, such person will never see anything good in the police,” he said.

 He additionally exhorted, DPO’s to discuss more with the general population in their groups and prompted that Community Development Associations (CDA’s) ought to likewise hold standard gatherings with their DPO’s.


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