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Femi Fani Kayode, The Former Aviation Minister, has denounced the assault against IPOB individuals by the Nigerian Army.

He said tragically that the military slaughtered a few defenceless Nigerians.

An announcement which he made accessible to newsmen on Thursday evening said “The butcher of pure regular citizens by troopers must stop. Recently it was the Shiite Muslims. Today it is the Igbo. Tomorrow it could be you.

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Anybody that trusts that a nonconformist development or the mission for self-assurance can be halted by the power of arms alone has no information of world history.

“The more individuals you torment and execute, the more the tumult will bloom and develop. The shedding of pure blood invigorates, spreads and sustains the reason for which it was shed.

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“This is a profound guideline with down to earth outcomes. It is a profound and otherworldly cliché. The blood of saints is never shed futile.

“It cries to God in heaven for retribution and it frequents and torments those that shed it from era to era”.


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