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A picture of former spice girl Mel B and her young lover Ryan has emerge for the first.

The photo shows the 42-year-old singer sharing a relaxed meal with married Ryan Lawrence, who is 10 years her junior.

The two, are rumoured to be having an affair amid claims he has stayed over at her house five nights a week.

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The picture which was taken by Mel’s 18 year old daughter Phoenix was uploaded to Snapchat three months ago but only emerged recently.

 Sources say Mel and Ryan have been romantically involved since May and were introduced at the beginning of the year by a senior Beverly Hills Police Department officer.

 However Ryan’s 29 year old furious wife Morgan, who then branded Mel “Old Spice” took to Instagram and vowed that Mel will never replace her.

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She wrote: “You’ll never replace me.”

However, Ryan is said to be working on his marriage, but friends claim he still hopes for a future with the star.

A source said: “Ryan and Mel are still FaceTiming each other. He hasn’t given up hope on a relationship.


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