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A 30 year old woman Dana Vulin who was burnt alive by her rival Natalie Dimitrovska
who though she was sleeping with her estranged husband , in a recent interview with The Project Show On Tuesday night recall what she passed Through during her recovery days.

Dana Vulin was burnt alive in her apartment by Natalie Dimitrovska,

furthermore, she got consumes to more than 60 percent of her body, however she says the years she spent in recuperation were strongly more agonizing than her underlying wounds.

Amid the meeting with The Project , Ms Vulin shared the intense procedure she experienced to recuperate her body, including considering a cross and persevering through numerous skin joins.

She said, There is no amount of anything that you know that can prepare you for this,’

‘I slept sitting on a crucifix for two half years, with wrist splints, arm splints, elbow splints, palm splints, a mouth brace, a neck brace,’ she said, adding that during the day she had two sets of braces on each arm to help with her movement.

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Ms Vulin said she would persevere through difficult physio sessions up to three times each day trying to recover her capacity to move, was all the while experiencing surgeries to help mend her heinous wounds.

The 30-year-old wore a compression face mask for two years and eight months, and a garment for the rest of her body for three years,


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